How to play Craps simulator?

Hex dice are used to play Craps strategy simulator from Microgaming. On each face there are dots denoting a number. If the bones are made correctly, the sum of the numbers on the opposite sides is always seven: one opposite the six, two opposite the five, three opposite the four.

In Craps are used two dice. As a rule, they are made of high quality plastic. During the throws, the edges of the bones are damaged and erased, which makes it possible to rig the result. Therefore, the cubes participate in the game for no more than eight hours. After the specified time has elapsed, or in case of the departure of the bones outside the gambling table, they are replaced with new ones to prevent fraud attempts.

In free Craps simulator there are several stages:

  • Come out roll;
  • Point Roll.

Come Out Roll is the first step that defines Point. This can be any amount that has fallen on the bones, except for two, three, seven, eleven and twelve. This number will be played at the Point Roll stage, during which an unlimited number of rounds will take place. A Point Roll ends when the next roll is a Point or a score of seven on the dice.

Betting during the game in online Craps simulator

Different types of bets are available at different stages of the game. So, during the Come Out Roll, a player can place chips in the fields:

  • Pass Line – the bet wins if, as a result of the throw, seven or eleven have fallen in total;
  • Don’t Pass Line – a bet wins if the dice combination is two, three or twelve.

When these numbers fall out, bets win or lose, and the Come Out Roll stage is played again. If the sum on the faces of the blocks is equal to any other number, Point is determined, and the game proceeds to the next stage.

Varieties of Craps

There are several varieties of craps. These options are distinguished by the markup on the gambling table and betting options. The most common are:

  • Craps with a bank;
  • New York Craps;
  • Open Craps;
  • Simplified Craps.

With the advent of online casinos, craps is being introduced on virtual platforms. The number of players can be arbitrary. The sequence is determined by the connection queue of odds on the table. Bones are thrown with the mouse, numbers fall randomly. This eliminates the possibility of fraud, bone substitution or incorrect throws.

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