How to win at craps – a question for which there are a lot of answers.

At first glance, the game may seem very confusing. However, figuring out the basic principles, gamblers will see that there are not so many rules. The playing field is a table with high sides and markings, which defines the cells for bets. The main attributes are two cubes, which depict points in the range from one to six on each of the six faces. The aim – is to predict the combination that the dice form, this will help to find out how to win at craps every time.

The Peculiarities of the Gameplay

No matter where to play, the dice is the same everywhere and has 6 faces. The main rules are:

  • There are two dice in the game;
  • In the game, there are only 36 combinations with sums from two to twelve;
  • At first, all gamblers make bets on different sectors of the game table. To do this, gamblers should click on the chip to make the bet;
  • Then they need to select the desired betting area with the left mouse button (while using PC). In this case, gamblers will see the type of bet and its size at the screen.

Experienced players show an excellent knowledge of the rules and the presence of the strategy, from which they do not depart, even when the game is not in their favor.

The Most Popular Craps Varieties

There are several varieties of the game, while the advice of how to win at craps table, is the same. The markup on the gambling table and betting options distinguish these options. The most popular are:

  • Craps with a bank;
  • New York Craps;
  • Open craps;
  • Simplified craps.

With the advent of online casinos, craps have become available for gamblers all over the world. The number of players can be arbitrary. The connection queue determines the sequence. It has become possible to use apps for Android and iPad or tablet. This eliminates the possibility of fraud, bone substitution, or incorrect throws.

The most beneficial strategies of how to win at craps

Any how to win at craps strategy should include a flexible system of actions designed for all, even the most unforeseen, game situations.

  • Experienced players understand that the possibility of winning is the mathematical probability of a particular number falling out. Often, novice players are very disappointed in the dice, losing a few rounds. Especially unpleasant if the game was for real money. It is worth remembering the golden rule – training, and training again until the game is clear from the first throw to the last on an intuitive level;
  • In addition to the game strategy, players need to develop a strict betting system. They can use the Martingale strategy or set their restrictions. Experts advise setting a bet limit of 1 to 20, or even 1 to 50 of the amount that players are willing to spend on the game. Gamblers can choose a table where the limit is $ 5 while having at least $ 100. They always need to have a supply of funds in order not to leave the game and be able to recoup;
  • If players want to protect themselves from losing as much as possible, then it is better to start insuring bets. At the same time, they become less dependent on game chance, but they won’t get much gain either. Nevertheless, this tactic will not allow them to remain penniless in the game pocket.

Actually, there is no an ideal strategy of how to win big at craps suitable for all cases. So, it is worth making Pass Line and Come bets, since the probability of winning them, albeit a little, but more. From betting for a specific number, it is better to choose 6 and 8.

Recommendations for the Martingale system when playing craps

Let’s highlight the main points you need to know:

  • Bets. If you use Martingale to play craps, you should remember that the bets increase in geometric sequence, which means that very quickly they can reach the amount that you simply do not have. That’s why you should start the game with the minimum bet. Otherwise, you will either run out of money, and you will not be able to place the next bet, or you will quickly reach the table limit.
  • Before you start the game, set for yourself the maximum amount you can lose, and under no circumstances do not exceed it.Before you start the game, set for yourself the maximum amount you can lose, and under no circumstances do not exceed it. Always use the “golden rule” of professionals – you have to leave in time. At the first good winnings should finish the game. This is the only way to insure yourself against a big loss.
  • Sessions. This rule of “won-and-gone” follows from the mathematical pattern all casinos, which implies that the longer the session, the greater the advantage the institution has. So, not to lose in the end, you need to make several approaches to the table with long pauses.
  • Emotions. The casino is a game on the feelings of the customers. The whole environment is created so that you lose track of money and time, and completely immersed in the abyss of excitement. Remember that losing is part of the game and you shouldn’t lose your head under any circumstances. Those who constantly keep emotions under control, soberly assess the situation and make the right decision.

Martingale for craps will be a great teacher when getting acquainted with the popular game. And when you get enough experience, you can move on to more complex systems for a thrilling game of craps. But the basic guidelines should be followed for all variations of the game.

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